4 Easy Ways to Makeover Your NYC Apartment

Fact: You live a charmed life in New York City. You can have pad thai delivered at 4 a.m. You send out your laundry every week. You live in a “micro loft” (which really means you live in a shoebox). But just because your apartment is tiny doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pretty, functional and well organized. It’s time to update your place.

Thankfully, Lowe’s recently opened two of their home-improvement stores in Manhattan (can you say “game changer”?). We tagged along with interior design guru and Lowe’s style ambassador Nicole Gibbons as she set out on a mission to revamp the four spaces that give New Yorkers the biggest headaches. (And along the way we discovered a very clever use for a tiny bathroom hamper.) Check out our videos and get inspired to improve your own space in a New York minute.


Yes, you can replace the old hardware on your drawers and cabinets, even if you rent. Watch how a few easy swaps, plus a pretty swipe of color on your backsplash, can take your kitchen to next-level greatness.


Is that teeny, tiny bathroom of yours cramping your style? A little creativity, a fresh coat of paint and some sleek storage are all you need to transform an odd space into a well-organized mini spa. Plus: The most genius use of a hamper we’ve ever seen.


You want your common space to be comfortable, but not overrun with tchotchkes and toys. Here’s how you can upgrade your living room with simple storage, sophisticated accessories and a chic new color palette for good measure.


Dry-cleaning plastic and (eek) wire hangers. Sound familiar? Just because your closet is hidden from guests doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get its own stylish makeover. Ahead, how to address your mess--and a gorgeous, "off the wall" way to use stick-on wallpaper.