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Life is best lived in slow, relaxing moderation.

Ahhhhhahahahahaha. Good one. This is 2015, and frankly, your day-to-day is never going to decrease in crazy. But there are ways to beat the rat race at its own game. Whether you're in an out-of-the-ordinary hurry or just want to streamline a few areas of your life, here are 30 ways to reclaim even just 30 seconds of your day.


1. Skip the iced coffee and get hot. Don’t get stuck behind a teenager’s Frappuccino. Have the barista pour you a drip coffee on the spot.

2. Carry only essential cards in your wallet. How many times have you actually gotten froyo loyalty punches?

3. Switch to spray lotion. We're big fans of the immediate-drying St. Ives version.

4. Pay cash at lunch. No swiping. No signing. No awkward eye contact while your card gets approved.

5. Use frozen fruit in your smoothie. Peeling is for suckers. 


6. Learn to love slide sandals. A pair of old Birkenstocks by the door expedites your morning paper-retrieval routine. 

7. Install a remote start in your car. A little pricey for professional labor, but worth it for the temperature acclimating alone. 

8. Set up automatic pharmacy refills. Make the phone robots come to you.

9. Switch to cream eye shadow. Powder shadows require far more precision. Instead, dab a light cream on your lid and be on your way.

10. Wear front-clasp bras. What designer thought backwardly contorting your elbows was a good idea?

11. Skip the statement heels. Lace-ups, buckles, ankle wraps: all cute but never as speedy as a pair of simple pumps.


12. Designate a spot for your keys. A hook by the door > fishing through your purse.

13. Shave only to the knee. Your thighs can fake it more easily. 

14. Buy preportioned snacks. Think: cheese sticks, almond-butter squeeze packs, 100-calorie bags of pretzels.

15. And precut veggies. Do you really want to chop three peppers?

16. Make today's and tomorrow's lunch at the same time. That tuna on rye will hold in the fridge for 24 hours.


17. Apply your conditioner, then wash your face. Let your hair marinate while you check off a different shower task.

18. And while you’re at, spray the shower with Tilex. It’ll buy you more time between proper cleanings.

19. Use a phone-charging dock. Because a loose cord tends to fall behind the nightstand.

20. Hang your wrinkled dress by the shower. Irons aren’t always the answer

21. Finish your at-home mani with cooking spray. It works just as well as the salon's quick-dry setter.


22. Speed-listen to podcasts. Set your player to run at 2x speed, and behold as you get through a 20-minute Planet Money in the time it takes to walk the dog.

23. Roll your shirts and stack them lengthwise in your drawer. That way you can see everything at once and won't have to dig around.

24. Speak your texts. Enable dictation on your phone (and be OK with talking to yourself in public).

25. Whittle your closet down to 37 pieces. Trust us: It works.


26. Consider an automatic pet-feeder. Set the times, portions, even a recorded message.

27. Trade teeth brushing for a quick swish of mouthwash. For desperate missed-the-alarm days only.

28. Assign segmented recycling bins from the start. Bottles, cans, paper, done.

29. Go for a statement lip. A chic swipe of red takes way less time than full-on eye makeup.

30. Make your bed while you're still in it. Whatever, hospital corners.

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