2020 Interior Design Trends That’ll Make Staying Home This Summer More Palatable

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Throughout this quarantine, we’ve been forced to look at our home decor situation day-by-day and hour after hour. There are some decisions that we love (hello, brass hardware and custom wallpaper) and some that are, well, questionable. Since we’re going to be spending more time at home this summer, it’s only natural to want to be in a space that brings us joy. Here, seven interior design trends for 2020 that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

new postmodern design trend
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1. New Postmodern Style

Tubular and “chubby” lines, fluted accents, geometric shapes. We’ve seen postmodern style before but in 2020, it’s getting a facelift in the form of chalky, pastel colors. That’s right, you no longer have to worry about shielding your eyes from electric colorways. The new wave of pastels lends a neutral touch that will be forgiving as years pass (read: it won’t stick out like a sore thumb down the road). Don’t know where to start? Take it slow with structured vases or lamps and work your way up to chairs, accent tables or even wallpaper. And to think, this mirror started it all.

cottagecore design trend
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2. Cottagecore

A cross between shabby chic and your favorite childhood fairy tale. It’s calming, rustic, cozy and simple all rolled into one little space. Think English cottage sprinkled with delicate florals, rumpled linens and antiques. Cottagecore is not only an interior design trend, but it’s very much an entire vibe. Fans of the trend adopt the lifestyle that comes with it, like limiting technology, foraging, baking pies and simply enjoying domestic tasks. Off to grandmother’s house we go!

brown furniture design trend
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3. Brown Furniture

Two words we never thought we’d say in the same breath, but here we are. When referring to brown furniture, we’re talking about solid, dark pieces made out of wood like walnut, teak, rosewood and mahogany. Because of its dark color, it can seem dated or clunky but when styled in a room correctly it’s eye-catching. To add depth and richness, use one or two pieces of brown furniture as the focal point. Try to mix different woods and lean on lighter-colored accents to brighten the room. We don’t want this looking like an old-fashion study (unless that’s your thing).

calming colors design trend
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4. Calming Colors

When you think of a calming color, a super-saturated emerald, plum or indigo blue probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, we’ll always love bright whites and airy neutrals but to shake it up, opt for a deep, inky color that feels so rich you just want to disappear into it. Rather than paint your living room one of these hues, try something a little more hidden like an office or reading nook so it feels like a fun escape.

moody plants design trend
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5. Moody Plants

OK, this one isn’t so much an interior design trend as it is a personal expression but we’re here for it. Rather than the typical bright green plants scattered throughout your home, this year go a different route by way of plants with moody colors. Some of our favorite types include burgundy ripple, rubber plants, raven, coleus and black pansies. Might we suggest adding a couple to your room with its new super-saturated color?

mint kitchen design trend
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6. Mint Kitchens

Swoon. Mint kitchen cabinets are one of our favorite trends because it adds the slightest pop of color while remaining stylish and clean. Whether you go with a combo of white and mint or fully embrace the shade, your kitchen will look pulled together, brighter and more inviting.

narnia rooms design trend
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7. “narnia” Rooms

The idea behind a “Narnia” room is that your kids should have a room in the house that they’ll never forget. By room we actually mean converting an awkward storage space or under-the-stairs cupboards into a makeshift play space. It adds an alluring mystery element that kids will love and actually get use out of. Plus, when they’re done it closes back up like it was never even there.

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