13 Things in Your Apartment You Really Should Be Cleaning (but Aren't)

Do you have any idea what's under your fridge?

It doesn't matter if you rent or own your apartment--going a year without cleaning under the fridge is unacceptable. So grab some rubber gloves and load up on the disinfectant. We’re going in for the deep clean.

Here are 13 gross things in your apartment you need to clean now.


You’ve never cleaned yours, have you? (We’re not judging, we promise.) But think about it: so many hands, so many germs. Those handles are hotbeds. Disinfect every doorknob in your apartment with vinegar or a bleach solution once a week.

Air Conditioner Filter

Dirt and dust on the filter makes your air conditioner up to 15 percent less efficient--rinse it in the sink with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and scrub it with a sponge. Bam, good as new.

Trash Cans

We don’t even want to think about how gross this thing is, but that’s exactly why you should start wiping it down with an antibacterial cleaner once a month. (Wear rubber gloves and you’ll be fine.)

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They get covered with Midtown soot every time you open the window, but that doesn’t mean you should give in. Wipe them with vinegar at least every other week.

Light Switches

Hands down, one of the most disgusting things in your house. Clean them with antibacterial spray every week.

Kitchen Sponge

You wouldn’t wash your dishes with your toilet brush, would you? That’s basically what you’re doing when you don’t disinfect your sponges. Wet them down, then stick them in the microwave for two minutes every day to kill germs.

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Computer Keyboard

The easiest way ever to clean your computer keyboard (and yes, you should be doing this every damn day): squeeze a dab of hand sanitizer on a paper towel and carefully rub it on the keys. Ctrl-Alt-Clean.


Just think about keys for a second. They’re soooooo gross, and you touch them every single day. Don’t you think they should be rubbed with a Clorox wipe every few weeks?

Kitchen Sink

We’ll spare you the icky statistics about rotting food particles and bacteria and just cut to the chase: Scrub it every week with baking soda and a toothbrush.

Under The Fridge

Carefully pull out the fridge, then run the brush attachment of your vacuum over the dusty coils--which we guarantee will look like something out of a horror movie.

Yoga Mat

Admit it: You’ve downward dogged on that thing at least three dozen times since the last time you cleaned it. Soak a towel in warm water and a small amount of laundry detergent, then wipe it down and allow to air dry.

Remote Control

The Bachelor and nachos are the perfect pair…as long as you wipe the crumbs off the remote when you’re done. Remember the hand sanitizer trick to clean your computer keyboard? Bingo.

Cutting Boards

Soooo, apparently it’s cleaner to cut veggies on your toilet seat than on a cutting board. Awesome. Make a paste with baking soda, salt and water and scrub to disinfect your boards, then run 'em under hot water. Hey, this whole cleaning thing is kinda fun.