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13 Ways to Save Time Throughout the Day
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You go to bed at night with the best intentions: You will arise with the sun, go for a run, make a hearty breakfast and get to work early. Then 5 a.m. rolls around and your finger is glued to the snooze button.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re in luck.

We’ve partnered with Kenmore to present you with Take Back the Day, where you’ll find 13 smart (and easy) ways to help you maximize your time.

Let’s start with when you wake up. Instead of a blaring alarm, use an upbeat playlist to get you moving. (Hint: Shower for two songs, get dressed for one, etc.) Then, when it comes to work, reconsider eating lunch at your desk. As it turns out, taking a break from your computer actually makes you more productive when you return.

Finally, start thinking about laundry in a whole new light. Rather than waiting until the weekend (why waste your precious days off?), fit it in midweek and get it done lickety-split with Kenmore’s new top-load washer and dryer.

Now, what to do with all the hours you’ve saved…

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