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You’ve got this holiday thing down pat. You’ve got your turkey, your tinsel and all those trimmings down to a well-planned science of to-do lists and errand running...oh wait, the stockings.

Fret not. You’ve got a one-stop shop right around the corner. And even if you’re not responsible for filling every sock for every family member, this handy list in partnership with Walgreens will serve as a shopping guide for really useful, really affordable gifts.

Here’s how you can turn one day into the most successful stocking-stuffer trip ever.

Stacking Rings

Made from 14K gold and available in sizes from midi to thumb, these dainty rings can be mixed, matched and stacked to fit any finger. Ideal for your well-adorned (and super-trendy) cousin.

Vrai & Oro ($50)

Wireless Earbuds

Your brother just took up running again, but his old headphones have been on the fritz since his Discman days. Do him and his 2016 Resolution a solid and gift him these Bluetooth-enabled earbuds.

Walgreens ($29.99)

Temporary Tattoos

These kitschy (and oft beautiful) designs are the high-class version of a temporary tat--suitable for everyone from Uncle Paul to five-year-old Molly.

Tattly ($15)

Festive Nail Polish

Speaking of your niece Molly (and your gaggle of aunts): Everyone will love this blingy, most celebratory polish.

Walgreens ($9)

24/7 Activity Tracker

Show your sister's boyfriend how he can track his sleep, steps and get text messages sent straight to his wrist with this handy smartwatch.

Walgreens ($79.99)

Chewbacca Ornament

Looking for the perfect Dad gift? Tuck a pair of movie tickets to see The Force Awakens in there and, poof, you’re the Favorite Child.

Walgreens ($7.99)

Single-Stem Vase

Mom’s home office is overrun with stacks of holiday receipts and endless to-do lists these days. A gilded bud vase lends a little beauty to the scene. Serenity now.

Canvas Home ($25)

Uno Card Game

Because when's the last time your family played a good, old-fashioned card game? 

Walgreens ($7.99)

Bourbon Marshmallows

A decadent topping to Uncle Steve's holiday hot cocoa recipe. (You should probably buy in bulk.)

Wondermade ($8)

Luxury Quilted Pup Parka

You didn’t think we’d forget Fido, did you?

Urban Pup ($38)

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