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Friendly mid-December check-in: As you move through the most wonderful (crazy, busy, frustrating) time of the year, have you shopped for gifts for all the other people in your life?

You know, the small army of people who help keep your whole world together in the most underappreciated ways. The ones who make sure you’re caffeinated, well-coiffed and (almost) always in shape. We’ve thrown together this handy gift guide for the everyday heros who are often overlooked.

For the Housekeeper

What do you give the person who?s in constant contact with your dirtiest secrets? Cozy texting gloves, of course.

Bloomingdale?s ($29)

iTunes Giftcard

For the FedEx Guy

He lugs your Nordstrom purchases all day, every day. (The joys of being a loyalty member.) Give him something that doesn’t weigh a ton…like a gift card.

Walgreens (from $10, available in stores)

For the Babysitter

This girl is the only reason you’re able to enjoy twice-a-month date nights. A clever bracelet that lets her store her hair ties in style will hopefully keep her from pulling her hair out...and ensure that she’ll never leave you be forever grateful.

Bittersweet (from $45)

For Your Body-Burn Boot-Camp Instructor

By far the coolest person in your life, she’s turned you on to the transformative power of forearm planks and acai bowls. Now’s your chance to gift her the latest in trendy beauty: Behold the exclusive eye-shadow palette.

Walgreens ($19)

For the Farmer’s Market Produce Guy

Because nothing says “Hey, thanks for introducing me to pesticide-free organic watercress” quite like a marled knit beanie.

Obey ($26)

For the Dog-Walker

This gal is with your beloved four-legged creature day in, day out. She deserves a little pampering. Enter this moisture-rich, at-home spa regimen.

Walgreens ($10)

For Your Hairstylist

She’s seen you through the best (hello, summer lob of 2014) and the worst (those layers in 2008 were not your best idea). Here’s something for her that won’t require nearly as much maintenance.

The Sill ($40)

For Your Kid’s Teacher

If your daily cup of java keeps you sane, imagine what?s required for the woman who educates 23+ kids everyday. Give this real-life wonder a set of two travel mugs so she?s always ready to refuel: One mug for the car, one for the break room.

Walgreens ($25, available in stores)

For the Doorman

Constant politeness and an ever-present smile should not go unnoticed. These classic hazelnut chocolates will do the trick. Bonus points if you tuck a little cash in there.

Walgreens ($10, available in stores)

For Your Favorite Barista

She’s the one who quickly memorized your cappuccino order and spells your name right every time. Next time you’re handing her perfect change, sneak in this little packet of confetti for a fun surprise.

The Great Lakes Goods ($8)

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