15 Gifts for Every Angeleno on Your List

Is She Obsessed With Her Pet?

Los Angeles is a city that worships its four-legged friends—and giving them a gift will really melt their owner’s heart.

Modern Dog House

Brazilian teak, corrugated steel and a deluxe memory-foam mattress tell him he’s been a very good boy.

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Cat Wine

Wine for the human, and intoxicating catnip-infused filtered water (“catbernet”) for Fluffy.

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Custom Chew Toy

Because children love having their name on things...even four-legged children. It has a removable zippered cover too.

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Is She All About Her Spiritual Quest?

Tell your friend you support her spending half her income on past-life regression therapy by giving her something that jibes with her woo-woo beliefs.

Tarot Reading

Smart, funny and kind, Erin K. Smith reads cards from her mobile gypsy caravan or via Skype.

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Crystal Power

Pick up a book about crystals (plus a peaceful amethyst) at Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice.

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Meditation Cushion

Today’s peaceful warrior says om on a floor cushion in pink paisley, velvet or other luxe material.

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Is She Always Driving Across Town?

When she spends more time with the hosts of Pod Save America than her own family, an auto-related gift is the right call.

Six-in-One Emergency Tool

With a seat belt cutter, LED flashlight and automatic glass breaker, this will be her post-accident MacGyver.

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Mobile Car Detailing

Send a team to your giftee’s home so she won’t have to wait at some scuzzy car wash.

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French fry Holder

Because friends don’t let friends drive distractedly—i.e., feeling around for that lost fry under the seat.

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Is She Always Trying The New Wellness Craze?

She wants to feel better, look better and be a better human. These gifts just might help with all three.

Body Oil

A daily toe-to-scalp rub with new Altogether Oil is an invigorating way to stay in touch with your body.

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Facial Roller

The Chinese practice of rolling gemstones over the face de-puffs skin and feels really serene.

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CBD Bath Bomb

Twenty-five milligrams of cannabis extract won’t get anyone stoned, but it will make a soak transcendently relaxing. 

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Is She Always Talking About Food?

New restaurants, new recipes, new juice cleanses…Her oral fixations know no bounds, so she’ll appreciate something to cook, drink or eat.

A Classy Cake Kit

Sweet Laurel Bakery’s naked vegan cakes are a thing. The make-your-own kit comes with vegan caramel, mix and vanilla extract.

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Scented Water

Weird but effective: SoCal-bottled Szent water comes in bottles scented with flavors like mint to make hydrating more appealing.

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Boozy Chocolates

Small-batch truffles infused with gin and whiskey—because admit it, spiked sweets are necessary to get through the holidays.

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