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Moms should be celebrated every day of the year. They did birth us, after all. But their extra-special day is coming up (ahem, it’s Sunday, May 12—mark your calendar!), so we’re drawing gift inspo from some of the most wonderful women in our life. Here, six real moms weigh in on the best Mother’s Day gift they’ve ever received.

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1. A Simple Card

My sister gave me a happy Mother’s Day card when I was still pregnant with my first daughter, Regan, who was born shortly after. All these people kept being like, ‘you’re almost a mom,’ which was really upsetting, because I had carried her for so long already. Needless to say, the card meant a lot!” —Lindsay K.

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Kate Spade Initial Pendant Necklace

"The best Mother's Day gift I've ever received—and repeatedly gift to new mom friends—is this initial necklace from Kate Spade. There are a zillion versions like it on the market, but I love the price point on this one and the message behind it: The initial is the first letter of my son's name and it makes me feel like he's close to my heart always—when I'm at work, running errands or just embracing some much-needed R&R." —Rachel B.

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3. Joshnese Collapsible Colander

"The best Mother's Day gift I ever received from my kids was a collapsible colander—yes, really. Sure, it wasn’t as pretty as the flowers they get me every year, but I can use this item every day and I'd never think to get it myself. It was definitely a nice surprise that showed they know me so well.” —Terri M.

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4. Itzy Ritzy Chewable Mom Jewelry

“Last Mother’s Day, I was pregnant with my daughter, Violet, and my sister-in-law got me a couple of cute baby items, including this necklace that doubles as a teether! It was small, but thoughtful and sweet.” —Kelsey D.

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5. Mali + Lili Reversible Vegan Leather Tote

“A few years ago, my kids got me a big leather tote bag (for work) filled with a whole bunch of amazing stuff: a coffee mug, adult coloring book, Reese’s (my favorite candy), fuzzy socks and gift cards. I still use the bag every single day, the mug constantly and the coloring book when I need to de-stress.” —Karen L.

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6. Dana Rebecca Designs Sylvie Rose Diamond Bar Stud Earrings

“These earrings are moderately pricey, but look way more expensive. My husband bought them for me two years ago and I still get compliments all the time.” —Mirissa K.

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