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Shopping for a grandmother this holiday season? Gift her something that goes far beyond the predictable scented candle by treating her to a personal present that she’ll actually use. Whether she’s a master baker or your go-to babysitter, surprise her with something tailored just to her. We checked in with one bona fide, pie-making, cheek-pinching grandma, and she endorsed all of our picks. So without further ado, check out the very best gifts for Grandma.

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1. For the Grandma Who Loves to Brag About Her Grandbabies: Custom Profile Silhouette Portrait

If Gram is known for whipping out her phone to play videos of her 4-year-old grandson dabbing, we have a feeling a custom print showcasing her pride and joy on permanent display sounds just right. These classic silhouettes against a white background have just the right amount of a modern twist for such a time-honored style.

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Uncommon Goods

2. For the Part-Time Babysitter Grandma: Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Thank her for all those hours of babysitting by gifting her a luxurious spa basket filled with products that will help her indulge in a little self-care, even if she hasn’t learned that term yet. These handcrafted, farm-fresh products from Alabama will have her feeling relaxed, pampered and oh so loved. The tin includes Lavender Goat’s Milk Bath Tea, Bath Truffle, Wedding Cake Whipped Shea Creme and Hint of Mint Lip Balm.

Buy It ($32)



It’s the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker for a reason. For the grandmother who talks to Alexa on the reg and takes her Kindle with her everywhere, add a new gadget into the mix by gifting her a Tile Mate. It’s the fastest way to find your keys, wallet, phone—you name it. The item easily attaches to anything (and even loops onto keychains) and the app tracks its location. Once she has it, she won’t know how she lived without it.

$19 at Amazon

Uncommon Goods


Let your green-thumbed granny spare her knees while tending to her plants with this convenient gardening seat and tool bag. It’s seriously the best one out there, if we do say so ourselves. The lightweight folding chair is made with water-resistant nylon and has 21 pockets for all her gardening essentials.

Buy It ($40)


5. For the World Traveler Grandma: BÉIS Weekend Travel Tote

This roomy tote will let Nana organize everything she’ll ever need for a short weekend trip or a as a carry-on for an adventure to the Galapagos. The water-resistant canvas bag includes plenty of pockets, a laptop sleeve, over-the-shoulder straps and an optional crossbody strap. But our favorite feature has to be the separate bottom compartment for shoes.

Buy It ($98)


6. For the Long-Distance Grandma: Framebridge Frame Pack

All you have to do is choose your frame color and upload photos of the grandkids (or granddogs). Framebridge will print it, frame it and deliver it to her door with your personalized note and a cute little bow. Could it be any easier?

Buy It ($149)



When it comes to knitting books, this really is the ultimate one. For the bubbe who’s already got a whole big stash of knitting supplies, opt for this chic coffee table book so she can flip through and learn new tricks. Just prepare yourself for an influx of new mittens, OK?

$23 at Amazon


8. For the Grandma Who Loves to Cook: BRIGHTLAND Awake Olive Oil

If she’s always in the kitchen, spoil her with a to-die-for olive oil that she would never splurge on herself. Brightland’s Awake Olive Oil is made with handpicked heirloom Coratina olives and hand-harvested by a master miller. On top of the cool-as-hell bottle, the product is amazing: Its flavor is rich, it can take some serious heat (up to 410°F) and it’s so high-quality, you can even use it as a body oil. If that freaks Grandma out, just tell her to drizzle it over her famous beef stew.

Buy It ($37)

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9. For the Art-Lover Grandma: ‘Great Women Artists’ Book

This right here is the most extensive fully illustrated book of women artists ever published. Covering 500 years of female artists, this substantial tome will add a pop of cheery color to her living room by just plopping it on the coffee table. But considering it features more than 400 women from over 50 countries around the world, it adds a whole lot more than just that.

$50 at Amazon

Saks Fifth Avenue

10. For the Grandma Who Loves to Bake: Michael Aram Mistletoe Pie Dish

This intricate pie dish landed a spot on PureWow’s definitive list of the absolute best gifts for bakers—and who could possibly be a more deserving baker than Gram? With its natural brass handles and onyx stone accents, this will undeniably be her most cherished piece on the holiday tablescape year after year.

Buy It ($200)


11. For the Grandma Who Basically Lives at the Hair Salon: Slip Silk Pillowcase

Help her keep that blowout fresh with the most luxurious upgrade: a silk pillowcase. Unlike cotton pillowcases that draw moisture from hair, this one is totally breathable and acts as a natural temperature regulator, keeping her locks shinier and healthier between salon visits.

Buy It ($85)



Grandmas love to be prepared, don’t they? When she’s making her way from the salon to her car, she’ll be glad she has her new favorite umbrella. Our top pick? This one. It has a clear canopy for visibility, 51-inch dome for complete coverage and a durable smooth gray handle for comfort. Get her two: one to keep in the car and one to keep in the garage.

$15 at Amazon

Wine of the Month Club

13. For the Wine-Lover Grandma: Wine of the Month Club Subscription

What’s better than having new bottles of wine show up at your door each month? Nothing! It’s the gift that keeps on giving for the grandmother who loves to enjoy a glass (or two) at dinner. And don’t worry—this subscription service is totally wine-snob approved. Of the 400 wines they taste monthly, only 15 percent are approved for potential wine subscription selections. So Grandma is only getting the good stuff.

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14. For the TV Junkie Grandma: Netflix Subscription

She’s moved on from her "stories" to Real Housewives seamlessly over the years. So don’t let Gigi sit and suffer through reruns. Just think of all the new Netflix original films and series that she’s missing out on. With a Netflix gift card, you can totally change her content consumption for the better—and now she’ll finally be able to chime in to those dinner-table conversations about the latest season of The Crown. You’re welcome.

Buy It ($30-$100)


15. For the Gamer Grandma: L'Objet Black Croc Playing Card Box With 2 Decks

If she’s using playing cards every day, why shouldn’t they be displayed in a porcelain, 24K gold, snakeskin-printed case? When the girls come over to play Rummy 500, she’ll be the hostess with the actual mostest.

Buy It ($195)


16. For the Grandma Who Needs to Get Around: Uber Gift Card

If Gam’s driving days are behind her, there’s no better gift than an Uber gift card (and of course a free tutorial of the app from you, duh). Setting her up with the app will be totally major. Just think about all the matinees, supermarket trips and hair appointments she’ll be able to do on her own.

From $25 at Amazon

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