These days, there is a tech gadget for everything. Need to know the weather while you’re getting dressed for work? Just ask Amazon’s Alexa. Want to know what your doggo is doing (or, uh, chewing) while you’re running errands? A quick glance at your petcam will solve that. Case in point: It’s hard to narrow down the products you should buy. Ahead, eight fun ones your entire family will enjoy.


Audio Technica AT-LP20XUSB Direct-Drive Turntable

Finally, Mom and Dad will have a reason to break out their old vinyl. Not only does this turntable have a high-fidelity audio system, but it also allows you to convert vinyl records to digital audio files. Next time you’re looking for new music, invite your kids to go hunting for vintage records at your local music shop.

$249 at Amazon

Sponsored energizer batteries

Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ Batteries

For an extra boost of power to go along with all your tech gifts, throw a pack of Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™, the longest-lasting AA batteries, into everyone’s stockings. From gaming systems to smart TV remotes, batteries are a must-have in any household. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll never have to run out of the house at the last minute because Johnny’s Xbox controller is dead.

$12 at Amazon


Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote

The latest version of Amazon’s TV-watching necessity has the most powerful 4K streaming ability and tons of storage for apps, plus it consolidates all of your favorite streaming platforms into one convenient spot. Our favorite part, though, is the Alexa Voice Remote that lets you launch and control content with ease. Simply say “Alexa, lower the volume” or “Alexa, play The Office on Netflix.” You’ll wonder how you ever watched TV or movies without it.

$50 at Amazon


Nintendo Switch

Designed to easily switch back and forth between single player and group mode, this console is ideal for families of any size. With its three gaming modes (TV, tabletop and handheld), Nintendo Switch transforms to suit your lifestyle and gaming preferences. Family game night? Check. Commute after work? Check. Keeping the kids busy while grocery shopping? Check.

$299 at Amazon

Mark & Graham

Courant Wireless Charging Accessory Tray

This stylish pebbled-leather tray will charge your phone and keep all of your small essentials in one spot, which means no more search parties for your keys. Its minimalist design seamlessly fits into any room of the house and helps keep everyone a little more organized.

Buy It ($175)


Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector

Movie night every night? No need to convince us. Because of its mini size (seriously, it only weighs one pound), it is super easy to travel with and allows you to project movies, TV shows, presentations or photos in a 16:9 display that is clear up to 200 inches. What’s more, it has built-in speakers and can be used with your brand-new Amazon Fire TV for endless streaming entertainment.

From $170 at Amazon


Saje Aroma Om Deluxe

Essential oil diffusers are nothing new, but we can’t help wanting to gift one every single holiday. They add such a comforting element to your home while also humidifying the air and releasing negative ions to elevate your well-being. This one covers approximately 1,200 square feet and features a beautiful ceramic dome and calming LED light.

Buy It ($130)


Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket

Now that you have your fancy projector, streaming device and gaming system, it’s time to get comfortable. For the colder months, a heated blanket is the final touch to your binge-watching kit. This one is reversible, has three heat settings and is even machine washable.

$40 at Amazon

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