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1. Pencil Skirt ($158) 2. Blazer ($195) 3. Patterned Tank ($441) 4. Crystal-embellished T-shirt ($170) 5. Chambray Shirt ($88) 6. Earrings ($68) 7. Loafers ($135) 8. Sneakers ($45) 9. D'Orsay Flats ($38) 10. Metallic Pumps ($236) 11. Wedges ($230) 12. Bangle ($120) 13. Ruffle Top ($60) 14. Striped Shirt ($50)

The It-seriously-Holds-Everything BagIs your everyday bag looking a little mundane? Enter the Lo & Sons O.M.G. tote. It's surprisingly lightweight (relief, dear arms!) and can carry everything--all in an organized fashion. Because isn't that how you want to be seen...organized and fashionable?

Life SaversFor days when you're running from breakfast meetings to after-work cocktails, stash a few Crystal Light packets in your purse. Simply empty the packet into a water bottle, shake it up and sip on the refreshingly sweet five-calorie drink. Maybe now you'll be able to nix that diet-soda habit.