Shake Up Dinner with These 7 Ignored Winter Veggies

Hope you like it hot and hearty

It’s easy to fall into a veggie rut when the weather gets cold (miss you, heirloom tomatoes), but if you’re guilty of cooking the same old carrots, kale or broccoli night after night, we have news: There’s a whole other world of healthy, super-tasty winter vegetables you’ve probably never tried. Here are seven.

Love and Oil

Instead Of Kale, Try Rainbow Chard

Use it in place of any leafy cooking green like spinach, kale or collards--it’s so packed with good stuff, it’s almost like taking a multivitamin. (Ya know, with your mac and cheese.)

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Foolproof Living

Instead Of Celery, Try Fennel

Crunchy and light with a very faint licorice flavor, fennel makes a great team with chicken and citrus.

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Making Thyme for Health

Instead Of Potatoes, Try Celeriac

You know how we feel about mashed potatoes. But swapping it for a crazy flavorful, turnip-like root veggie? Let’s do it.

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Tartine and Apron Strings

Instead Of Broccoli, Try Bok Choy

This Asian veggie with dark, tender greens is a winter stir-fry champion.

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Yummy Beet

Instead Of Cauliflower, Try Parsnips

Make it mashed, make it “rice,” make it soup…the possibilities are endless.

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Gourmande in the Kitchen

Instead Of Carrots, Try Sunchokes

These little guys are possibly the ugliest veggie on the block, but they’re sooooo good with sautéed mushrooms.

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Jelly Toast

Instead Of Arugula, Try Mache

Believe it or not, these delicate little leaves have three times as much vitamin C as lettuce. Winter salad lovers, rejoice.

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