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Whoa, the Size of Your Wine Glass Could Be Causing You to Order More Wine
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All hail the waiter/waitress who pours an extra tall glass of rosé. But according to new research, it’s not the size of the pour, but the size of the glass that matters when it comes to the amount of wine you throw back at the bar.

A new study published in BMC Public Health found that a larger glass--not the amount of wine it’s filled with--could actually be causing you to drink more.

To test this, scientists filled three different wine glass sizes (small, standard and large) with the same portion of wine. On the nights when people at the bar were given their vino in the larger glass, they ordered a whopping 10 percent more than nights when they sipped from the small or standard size glass.

Basically, perception matters. If you think it looks like less wine in the glass, the chances are greater that you’ll drink faster and order more--causing you to spend more money, consume more calories and generally make poorer life decisions.

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