Your Favorite Wine Service Is 50 Percent Off Right Now (and the Shipping? It's Free)

winc wine 50 percent off cat

If you regularly peruse PureWow, then you’re no stranger to Winc wine. Why? Because we love it, and we get really excited anytime the service goes on sale. So, as you can imagine, we’re feeling pretty stoked to let you know that currently, you can order your first box of wine for 50 percent off plus free shipping. That equates to less than $30 for four bottles…a huge steal considering just how delicious, high-quality and diverse Winc’s wine offerings truly are.

If you need a quick refresher, here’s the gist: Winc is a wine subscription service curated by over five million customer ratings that helps you figure out exactly what you like. They start by having you take a six-question palate quiz, which consists of questions like “How salty do you like your food?” and “What are your thoughts on citrus?” They use these quick, but mighty insights to offer you a suggestion of wines and you can either choose to fill a box with their recommendations or pick from their entire selection of wines (at a nice range of budgets).

One of the best parts about Winc, as far as we’re concerned? The wine diversity. Whether you’re team red, orange, vegan, keto or low-sugar, they’ve got something especially for you. The clean wine offerings, produced under The Wonderful Wine Co. label, are even packaged and shipped using sustainable practices. For example, the lightweight glass bottles require 20 percent less energy and 12 percent less water to produce than a typical 750ml bottle of wine. They also use insulated blankets for shipping and recycled cardboard boxes that can be recycled yet again.

One PureWow editor who was gifted Winc for her wedding also notes how fresh the selection feels. “It was easily one of my favorite gifts—we had so much fun taking the quiz and poking around the site, it was honestly hard to narrow down the choices. Then, when we got the box of bottles, we were pleasantly surprised to find that they all tasted as good as they looked. It was like the gift that kept on giving. It’s just a way more fun way to wine.”

So, if you’ve hesitated to pull the trigger in the past, if we just let you on to this wildly convenient service or if you’re been searching for the perfect no-contact gift, we see no reason not to sign up for Winc right here and now. No code necessary—this incredible, limited-time deal will apply right at check out. Cheers!