What 5 PureWow Editors Ate for Lunch Today

Maybe it’s my inner Jewish grandma, but I absolutely love knowing what people are eating at all times, including how they procured it, how much it cost, what it tasted like, if they’re full and whether or not they’d eat it again. If you’re anything like me, you’re endlessly curious about what your coworkers are heating in the communal microwave or shoveling into their mouth as they type (you know who you are!). So I got a little nosy and asked the editors at PureWow all about their lunches. Without further ado, here’s what four of my colleagues and I ate for lunch today.

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shrimp bento box
Dara Katz

1. The Beautiful Shrimp Bento Box

“I try to bring my lunch to work every day, so if I forget it every once in a while, it’s not a huge hit to my budget. I will usually bring leftovers from dinner the night before, like this poke-inspired rice bowl I’ve been living on. It looks fancy, but it takes all of 20 minutes to make a big batch. Just grab some seaweed salad from a sushi restaurant, sauté up a bunch of random veggies (like snap peas, carrots and cabbage), cook a batch of shrimp and throw whatever else you want over rice. A little Trader Joe’s Gyoza Dipping Sauce and some spicy mayo on top are *chef’s kiss.*” —Brianna Lapolla, senior editor

vaynermedia snacks
Dara Katz

2. The Foraged Office Lunch

“I know, I know—I’m the food editor, but even we have lunch fails. This is my ‘I forgot to pack leftovers, so I scrounged for food in the office’ lunch. I try to pack my lunch four days out of five and reserve one day for buying lunch, as a treat. Clearly, I was unsuccessful this week. In fact, I keep a jar of peanut butter in my desk for a quick protein fix for this very reason. The candy is not lunch, it’s actually for later. Don’t worry, Mom, it’s fine.” —Katherine Gillen, food editor

protein powder salad
Dara Katz

3. The Protein Power Just Salad

“Call me lazy, but I very rarely bring my own lunch, despite it being high on my 2020 resolution list. Today, I ordered in and got the Protein Power Salad from Just Salad, opting for light olive oil and balsamic as dressing. Sweet potatoes, almonds, avocado, chicken, egg…probably a little too involved for me to quickly make on my own, but maybe #2021 goals?” —Phil Mutz, executive editor

pork tenderloins veggies couscous
Dara Katz

4. Hello Fresh Pork Tenderloin, Veggies & Couscous

“I packed pork tenderloin, mixed vegetables and couscous. It’s a Hello Fresh recipe (but I had to swap the vegetables because I waited too long to cook this meal—oops). I started the Hello Fresh subscription in the beginning of the year and now I cook two or three meals a week. Sometimes I have leftovers to bring for lunch, so I try to pack my own lunch as often as possible. It helps me save money and eat healthier than I would if I bought lunch. It’s also pretty easy to whip up at home and it looks like a gourmet meal (most of the time).” —Chelsea Candelario, editorial assistant

stew over rice
Dara Katz

5. The ‘stew’ Over Rice

“Alison Roman’s internet-famous stew is my favorite thing in the world since it’s soooo easy and soooo good. I make a big batch at the beginning of the week—with a few twists that will probably upset Stew-Heads, but essentially, I make it more of a curry than a thick soup—and then dole it out over rice for lunch with a squeeze of lime. And just like Roman, I don’t peel my ginger!” —Dara Katz, executive editor

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