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No one likes taking work home with them, but it’s kind of a different case if you’re a chef. You have to eat, don’t you? So we asked 18 NYC chefs what their go-to meals are when they’re off the clock—and a lot of them are totally doable for those of us without a culinary degree. (Others, not so much.)

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NY chefshome chicken

Kevin Adey: Chef and Co-Owner of Faro
What he makes: Herb-roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and a seasonal vegetable on the side. (And if roasting a chicken sounds daunting, try our foolproof recipe.) 

Adam Schop: Executive Chef at Miss Lily's
What he makes: Chili con carne with corn bread (which he makes—adorably—as a team effort with his wife).

Cara Hermanson: Executive Chef of Tarallucci e Vino
What she makes: Bean salad, tapenade, hummus, pickles, cheese, savory salumi and fresh vegetables highlighted with herbs and a great olive oil. And if guests are over, some warm pita to sop it all up. (Does that mean we’re invited?) 

NY chefshome orzo

Albert Di Meglio: Chef and Partner at Barano
What he makes: Savory orzo porridge. Simply cook orzo pasta in chicken broth, and then when the pasta is almost cooked, take it off the heat and add some whole eggs, parsley and Parmigiano-Reggiano. (Try this creamy orzo recipe for something similar.)

David Fisher: Executive Chef of Kat & Theo
What he makes: Smoked BBQ chicken with his BBQ sauce (which he’s constantly tweaking, of course).  

Amanda Cohen: Chef and Owner of Dirt Candy
What she makes: A waffle topped with melted cheddar, fried eggs and roasted tomatoes, aka the perfect breakfast. Best of all, you could just order it on Dirt Candy’s brunch menu—it's called a "Canadian Cracker."

NY chefshome cacio

Andrew Whitcomb: Chef at Colonie
What he makes: Hand-rolled pasta prepared cacio e pepe style: with tons of butter, cheese and black pepper. And sometimes he?ll throw in some greens and a fried egg on top. (Trust us, this dish needs to be a dinnertime staple.)  

Thomas Chen: Chef and Owner of Tuome 
What he makes: His favorite quick meal of rice or udon noodles in dashi soup with leftover roasted chicken, vegetables and an egg?poached directly in the soup.

Robert Stauning: Chef at Gran Electrica
What he makes: Sardines, heated at a low temp with harissa and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add a wedge of sourdough and dinner is made.

NY chefshome tripe

Luis Jaramillo: Executive Chef at Fifty
What he makes: Tripe stew (guatita). First, he brines the tripe in salt, lime and vinegar, and then boils it in water with salt until tender. Next, he makes a peanut sauce with cumin and scallions and boils some potatoes. Add it all together, serve with white rice and be instantly transported to Ecuador. 

Daniel Holzman: Chef and Owner of The Meatball Shop 
What he makes: Popcorn with different spices and flavor combinations, like butter, brewer's yeast and dulse (seaweed); and olive oil, sumac and Aleppo pepper. 

Jordan Andino: Chef and Owner of 2nd City 
What he makes: Agnolotti, pappardelle, fettuccini, ravioli—he makes it fresh, and of course he adds in his homemade sauces to boot. (We've got a few ideas to help you upgrade your pasta game.)

NY chefshome salmon

Yvan Lemoine: Executive Chef of Union Fare
What he makes: Chopped almond, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and herb-encrusted salmon with a salad of blanched green beans in a tzatziki dressing. Oh, and a glass of wine. 

Ryan Bartlow: Executive Chef of Quality Eats
What he makes: If the farmers’ market is in full bloom, he’ll make his “Sunday Roast”: leg of lamb, marinated in a mixture of shallots, garlic, ginger, rosemary, mint, parsley, honey, mustard and olive oil and served with some seasonal veggies. Not too shabby.

NY chefshome spaghetti

Alex Pilas: Executive Chef of Eataly
What he makes: Classic pasta dishes with a twist: spaghetti pomodoro with chili flakes, cacio e pepe with steak or chicken Parmigiana with spaghetti. 

Alex Stupak: Chef and Owner of Empellón
What he makes: Chilaquiles: Cut up, fried tortilla strips simmered in salsa and topped with a sunny-side-up egg, crème fraîche, cheese, cilantro and onion. 

NY chefshome avo

Diego Moya: Executive Chef of Blake Lane (opening in October)
What he makes: Vegetables cooked with tons of herbs and citrus. Like grilled avocados served with lemony herb salad (basil, mint, and cilantro) and some roughly chopped raw cashews. (Seriously, if you haven't grilled avocados yet, your life is about to change.)

Jimmy Bradley: Chef and Owner of The Red Cat
What he makes: Grilled clams. Coat them in herbs, salt, pepper and oil before putting them directly on the grill. Make a warm broth of onions, garlic and beer, and as each clam opens, throw it into the pot. Serve with some crusty bread and it’s the perfect meal.

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