This Magical Japanese Mayo Is Designed to Make All Food Taste Better

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love mayo, and those who think it’s gross, gloopy and shouldn’t exist.

Kewpie mayonnaise, a creamier, smoother version of the traditional condiment, is here to turn that world upside down. Introduced in Japan in 1925, the spread was, oddly, named after the iconic Kewpie doll. But used sparingly, the condiment amps up the flavor of everything that it’s added to without making your food taste, well, mayonnaise-y.

Here’s why: It’s made with rice vinegar instead of distilled vinegar, egg yolks rather than whole eggs and a tiny bit of umami-imparting MSG (which, according to science, isn’t bad for you in moderation).

Ever wonder why the spicy mayo that comes with your sushi is so damn delicious? That’s because it’s made with—you guessed it—kewpie mayo. It has a cult following with chefs across the U.S. like David Chang, but you can buy it yourself on Amazon for $9. Consider it an investment in more delicious chicken salad, French fry dipping sauce, salad dressing and even scrambled eggs.