What Is Clean Wine (and Is It Actually Healthier for Us?)

Hey, have you ever noticed that wine bottles don’t have nutrition labels? That’s because alcohol is the only beverage/food category that’s not regulated by the FDA. 

And while you may be aware that other ingredients go into wine than just grapes, there are more than 70 chemicals, additives, stabilizers and preservatives used in conventional wine production. Mind. Blown.

That’s why our ears perked up when we learned that the membership-based health store Thrive Market recently launched a whole line of clean wines. And no, we’re not talking about mouthfeel.

The whole idea is that they’re made from organic, biodynamic or sustainably farmed grapes and have no added sugar or pesticides. Plus, they’re low in additives and sulfites. We’re no doctor, but we’re smart enough to know that pesticides aren’t cool. Neither are preservatives.

While this is the first major company we’ve seen marketing “clean” wine, we’re guessing that others are going to hop on the trend too. Because transparency plus fewer ingredients = so 2019.

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