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You’ve been dumping this stuff down the drain for years, but now some thrifty cooks have discovered it’s actually a miracle ingredient. Yep, we’re talking about chickpea water. As in, the cloudy liquid that sits in your can of chickpeas.

Thanks to our innovative vegan friends who are constantly searching for new food substitutes (like almond ice cream or soy cheese), we now have a remarkably close--if not, complete--swap for egg whites.

How you use it: Strain the chickpea water into a mixer (or a mixing bowl, if you prefer to hand whisk) and beat it into a fluff that you can use to make everything from mayo to macarons (get the recipe here) and meringue. Some people even use it to top off their fancy cocktails.

Though it’s low in calories, it doesn’t pack as much of a nutritional punch as the chickpea itself…but if you’re using it to make dessert, does it really matter?

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