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You’ve done the iconic, beautiful and delicious restaurants. Now you’re craving something weirder. Well, you’re in luck (as long as you have a passport), because the world is full of bizarre eateries. From restaurants swinging from cranes to converted Italian high-security prisons, here’s a taste of the nine most unique restaurants across the world.

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Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

As its name suggests, you not only sit on a toilet while eating, but your food is served in a toilet--just in case the theme of this place didn’t hit you over the, ahem, head.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Rangali Island, Maldives

Sure, you’ve gone snorkeling, scuba diving--hell, maybe you’ve jumped into one of those shark cage thingies. But have you dined on fine contemporary European cuisine 16 feet below sea level? We didn’t think so. 

Kayabukiya Tavern in Utsunomiya, Japan

Humans are boring. But you know who’s not boring? Macaque monkeys. The mom and pop owners of this spot actually employee their two pet macaques to take orders and deliver food. Enjoy your service? Don’t leave 20 percent--leave a boiled soya bean.

Dinner in the Sky in Various Locations

We started from the bottom and now we’re eating a four-course dinner in a traveling, floating restaurant. Word to the wise: Make sure to go to the bathroom before you head up.  

Ninja in New York, NY

Japanese food is great and all, but there’s nothing like taking a bite of sashimi as a server dressed as a ninja performs magic at your table. 

Annalakshmi in Perth, Australia

If you need to be reminded that good things do exist in this world, head to Perth. At this Indian restaurant, you pay as you feel, not because it’s a soup kitchen, but because “Food is meant for sustenance of life and nobody is to be deprived.” Let your tears of compassion dry before you eat some delicious food.

Linger Lodge Restaurant in Bradenton, Florida

Their slogan: “Old Florida, at its best.” That means looking at floor-to-ceiling taxidermy displays and cases filled with critters while you chow down on old-school Southern dishes like alligator chowder. 

Fortezza Medicea in Volterra, Italy

Who wouldn’t want to dine in an Italian Renaissance-era fortress? What if the picturesque fortress was a high-security prison? Well, in 2006 this prison decided to open a restaurant using its own inmates as the staff. Just remember: Plastic cutlery only.

Distaster Café in Girona, Spain

Before you order the soup, make a mental note that this place spontaneously breaks into a simulated 7.8 earthquake at completely random intervals. 

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