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Magically delicious unicorn food is popping up in cafés and restaurants all across the country. (Think treats like lattes and cake.) And now you can try this whimsical new culinary trend at home. Enter unicorn toast. It’s deceptively simple and guaranteed to be a hit with your little ones. Seriously, this is the food they’ve been dreaming of. (OK, us too.)

What You Need: Toasted bread slices, cream cheese, food-coloring, sprinkles

Step 1: Separate your cream cheese into separate bowls for each color. The amount of bowls depends on how many colors you want in your rainbow.

Step 2: Mix in drops of food coloring to each bowl. For a true magical vibe, make lighter pastel shades, which means less dye.

Step 3: Spread the first color on the top corner of the toast. Then continue spreading more colors, working your way across the toast like a rainbow.

Step 4: Finish with a magical touch of sprinkles and there you have it—a delicious snack that’s way more fun than regular old toast.

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