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Science Says You Should Hold Your Nose While Eating a Cheeseburger

You try to eat healthy and exercise, but every once in a while (OK, four times a week), you get a craving for a big, greasy burger. Science says that if you don’t actually smell that burger, though, your body is less likely to store the fat you’ve just eaten. Seriously. 

Hear us out. In a recent study published in Cell Metabolism, scientists discovered that the body’s sense of smell may be linked to whether or not it decides to store fat or burn it off. The study fed three groups of mice a high-fat diet—one group who had normal smelling abilities, one group who were “super-smellers” and one group with impaired smelling.

The results? Totally surprising. The normal mice doubled in size, while the mice who couldn’t smell gained only 10 percent of their original weight. Even more interesting, when scientists took away every mouse’s sense of smell, they all lost the weight they put on, even while eating the same high-fat diet.

This theory hasn’t been tested on humans yet, but you might want to try going through the drive-through with a clothespin on your nose and see what happens. (Let us know how it goes.)

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