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The perfect man? Well, he loves chocolate-covered everything, he's always looking for ways to keep our stomachs satisfied and, OK, he's actually pretty cheap. His name: Trader Joe. Here, nine new products to buy this month from our favorite neighborhood grocery store. 

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trader joes coconut cold brew
Trader Joe’s

Coconut Cold Brew

Sure, you could spend a few hours steeping coffee and filtering out the grounds for the perfect DIY iced brew…or you could just grab one of these bottles of yummy coconut-infused concentrate. Just mix one part brew with two parts water or milk and serve over ice for the perfect drink, pour over ice cream for a fancy affogato dessert or make coconut coffee ice cubes. Endless possibilities, people.

Trader Joe’s ($5)

trader joes goat
Trader Joe’s

Goat’s Milk Cheese Medallions

What can we say? We LOVE cheese. And TJ’s newest addition is no exception. Fresh chevre logs are cut into disks and marinated in a savory blend of canola oil, EVOO and savory herbs (thyme, black pepper, and rosemary) for serving made easy. Think: charcuterie boards, caprese sandwiches or crumbled onto cauliflower pizza crust.

Trader Joe’s ($5)

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trader joes onion salt
Trader Joe’s

Onion Salt

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any better thanks to Everything Bagel seasoning, our trusty grocery store comes out with this gem. Sprinkle the blend of onion, garlic, kosher salt, green onion and dried chives on everything, from your scrambled eggs and sour cream dip to hamburger patties and steaks.

Trader Joe’s ($2) 

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trader joes quinoa
Trader Joe’s

Organic Sprouted Tricolor Quinoa

OK, we can all agree rice isn’t that exciting. But organic sprouted tricolor quinoa? These are more than just your average grains. They’re white, red and black seeds that are watered so that they sprout (in order to maximize nutritional benefits) before being dried again. Just rinse, simmer 'em in water or broth and top with eggs and avocado for an easy at-home breakfast bowl. 

Trader Joe’s ($3)

trader joes pelmeni
Trader Joe’s

Chicken & Mushroom Pelmeni

What exactly are pelmeni? They’re tiny pasta dumplings filled with a blend of chicken, mushrooms, onions, dill and sour cream. The best part: They only take four short minutes to boil before they’re ready to be served with a dollop of sour cream.

Trader Joe’s ($4)

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trader joes chickpea
Trader Joe’s

Ranch Crispy Chickpeas

Our attempts to make this healthy, filling and delicious snack at home have gone up in smoke (#pinterestfail), but thanks to Trader Joe’s, we can still have our beans and eat them too. The chickpeas are fried in canola oil, then seasoned with a tangy ranch dressing. 

Trader Joe’s ($3)

trader joes steak
Trader Joe’s

Island Teriyaki Steak Tips

The meat selection at our favorite store never fails to impress, so we can’t say we’re that surprised about this new offering of sirloin marinated in pineapple juice, sesame oil and ginger, then chopped into bite-size pieces that are perfect for skewers and kebabs. Summer cookout menu: done.

Trader Joe’s ($10/pound)

trader joes bries
Trader Joe’s

Ash Rind Brie

Have we mentioned we love cheese? And soft, creamy Brie is one of our all-time favorites, which is why we’re obsessing over these little wheels. Fresh cow’s milk and an ash coating combine for a buttery texture that’s still extremely flavorful.

Trader Joe’s ($5)

trader joes mocha
Trader Joe’s

Cold Brew Mocha Nut Latte

A single-serving-size cold brew latte that contains almond and cashew milk, organic cocoa powder, vanilla and cinnamon would normally cost us a pretty penny at a certain coffee mega-chain, but TJ’s is always looking to save us a buck. Keep in your fridge to grab before work for refreshing mocha perfection.

Trader Joe’s ($4)

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