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Fact: New Yorkers are just as happy dining at Nobu as we are munching falafel on the corner of 57th and Lex. Here are our 12 favorite street treats in the city. Extra napkins, please.

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NY StreetFood List1
Snowday Food Truck

12. Snowday Food Truck

Billed as NYC’s first “farm-to-truck food truck,” the ingredients in these eats are sourced from local farms mostly within 200 miles of the city. Oh, and almost every dish is made with maple syrup, NBD.

What to order: Maple grilled-cheese sandwich with beer-battered onion rings 

Locations vary throughout Manhattan;

NY StreetFood List2
Solber Pupusas

11. Solber Pupusas

What’s a pupusa? They’re thick tortillas with a variety of fillings, including cheese, pork, beans or--our personal favorite--all three.

What to order: The pupusa platter, with two pupusas, curtido (pickled cabbage), tomato sauce, sour cream and jalapeños.

Locations vary throughout Brooklyn;

NY StreetFood List3
Thomas Mester/Langos Truck

10. Langos Truck

OK, a quick langos lesson, too. This traditional Hungarian flatbread can be topped with almost anything, from mushrooms to garlic to cabbage to eggplant.

What to order: Tzatziki langos with cherry tomato, English cucumber and kalamata olives.

Locations vary throughout Manhattan;

NY StreetFood List4
Yelp/Larissa R.

9. Veronica's Kitchen

We have to admit, when we think of the Financial District, “Trinidadian food” doesn’t automatically come to mind. But this jerk chicken is way more exciting than the stock market, trust us.

What to order: Jerk chicken with rice and fried plantains

Front St. (at Pine St.);

NY StreetFood List5
Morris Grilled Cheese

8. Morris Grilled Cheese

Yep, this masterpiece was crafted by a former Per Se chef, so you know it’s amazing.

What to order: The classic with bacon

Locations vary throughout Brooklyn;

NY StreetFood List6
Uncle Gussy's

7. Uncle Gussy's

This legendary Greek spot seasons its food with only olive oil, salt, lemon and oregano, so it’s pretty damn healthy. (Unless you drink a vat of the tzatziki sauce, which we’re seriously tempted to do.)

What to order: The chicken breast platter

Park Ave. (at E. 51st St.);

NY StreetFood List7

6. Red Hook Lobster Truck

OK, the lobster rolls are a little pricey. But it’s just not summer in the city without one.

What to order: The Connecticut lobster roll with melted butter, lemon, paprika and scallions

Locations vary throughout NYC;

NY StreetFood List8

5. Wafels & Dinges

Thanks to this food truck, it’s now totally acceptable to eat “wafels” for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. And midnight snack.

What to order: The Brussels wafel with speculoos spread

Locations vary throughout NYC;

NY StreetFood List9

4. King of Falafel & Shawarma

This Astoria favorite is so successful, a brick-and-mortar version opened earlier this year. But don’t worry: You can still wait in line on the sidewalk to get your shawarma fix from the original cart.

What to order: Falafel and kefta platter

Locations vary throughout Manhattan and Queens;

NY StreetFood List10

3. Kwik Meal Cart

Don’t be fooled--this unassuming cart is owned by Muhammed Rahman, who was a chef at the Russian Tea Room before making our kati roll dreams come true.

What to order: Chicken kati roll

45th St. (at Sixth Ave.);

NY StreetFood List11

2. El Rey Del Taco

When it’s 3 a.m. and you’re craving a chorizo quesadilla, look no further than this no-frills Astoria taco stand. It’s here for you.

What to order: Al pastor tacos with guacamole

30th Ave. (and 33rd St.), Astoria;

NY StreetFood List12

1. The Halal Guys

After serving hungry crowds in Midtown for the last 25 years, these guys have gotten so popular, they’re opening restaurants and carts all over the country. You’re welcome, America. You’re welcome.

What to order: Gyro platter with hummus

Locations vary throughout NYC;

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