The 17 Most Insanely Delicious Skillet Meals in NYC, Ranked

One giant skillet cinnamon bun, please

Living in NYC means we can snag bacon-topped doughnuts for breakfast, pizza with honey for lunch and chicken sen flambé for dinner. And now, we’re on to the next trend: skillets.

Anything served on sizzling cast iron is immediately more mouthwatering. So we’re on a mission to rank every amazing dish in NYC served in a skillet in NYC. Try not to drool on your screen.

17. Skillet Pancakes At Dinner On Ludlow

Scrambled eggs? Where are we, Iowa?? Start the day with this beauty topped with blueberry maple butter and vanilla-lemon Chantilly instead. 

95 Delancey St. (at Ludlow St.); 212-228-0909 or

16. Little Neck Mussels At Flex Mussels

All of the dishes at this seafood joint are incredible, but this one featuring fresh mussels topped with littleneck clams, bacon, red pepper flakes, breadcrumbs and herbs is our favorite. (Don’t forget the fries.) 

Locations in the West Village and the Upper West Side; 212-229-0222 or

15. Sizzling Sisig At Maharlika

When you’re in an adventurous mood, give this traditional Filipino dish a try. (Shh, it’s chopped pig ears, belly and snout with an egg on top, but it’s tasty. We promise.)

111 First Ave. (at Seventh St.); 646-392-7880 or

14. Cinnamon Bun At The Brooklyn Star

It’s like Cinnabon on crack. You might want to share this one with a friend...or five. But we won’t tell if you eat it all yourself.

593 Lorimer St. (at Metropolitan Ave.); 718-599-9899 or

13. Roasted Chicken For Two At The Lambs Club

Celeb chef Geoffrey Zakarian has created the most perfect date dish ever. Try it with a side of chickpea frites.

132 W. 44th St. (at Broadway); 212-977-5262 or

12. Shakshuka At Cookshop

We can’t get enough of this Mediterranean brunch dish with poached eggs, roasted tomatoes, sweet peppers, feta, cranberry beans and crispy toast for dipping.

156 Tenth Ave. (at 19th St.); 212-924-4440 or

11. Okonomiyaki At Bar Goto

You really haven’t lived until you’ve tried this savory Japanese pancake with pork belly, yakisoba noodles and rock shrimp. 

245 Eldridge St. (at Houston St.); 212-475-4411 or

10. Mexican Breakfast Skillet Combo At Shopsin's

We’ll have some Hatch green chile egg sliders, fried hash browns, fried plantains and oh, let’s throw some doughnuts on there for good measure.

120 Essex St. (at Rivington St.); 212-924-5160 or

9. Queso Fundido At El Toro Blanco

“Oh, I’ll just have one bite” will turn into you licking the skillet. Just let it happen.

257 Sixth Ave. (at Bedford St.); 212-645-0193 or

8. Turkish Eggs At Barbounia

If your brunch doesn’t include ground lamb, chickpeas, tahini and spinach, you’re doing it wrong. 

250 Park Ave. S. (at 20th St.); 212-995-0242 or

7. Pieds Paquets At Claudette

Transport yourself to Provence with this traditional dish made with pork shoulder, potatoes, carrots and, yes, tripe. (Just try it.)

24 Fifth Ave. (at Ninth St.); 212-868-2424 or

Atwood, Kitchen and Bar Room

6. Macaroni And Cheese At Atwood, Kitchen And Bar Room

There’s a lot of competition for best mac and cheese in this city, but this bacon-infused, breadcrumb-topped masterpiece is definitely a contender.

986 Second Ave (at 53rd St.); 212-371-2333 or

5. Chicken And Crepes At Dirty French

It’s like the Olive Garden, but instead of unlimited breadsticks, you get unlimited crepes. (Oh, and the food is way, way, way better.)

180 Ludlow St. (at E. Houston St.); 212-254-3000 or

4. Shawarma Steak Hash At Mezetto

Dig in, then take a nap for the next six hours.

161 E. Houston St. (at First Ave.); 212-933-4587 or

3. Hand-pulled Noodles With Big Tray Of Chicken At Spicy Village

Just the most satisfying winter dish you’ve ever eaten. No biggie.

68 Forsyth St. (at Canal St.); 212-625-8299


2. Cast Iron Cookie And Milk At Boulton & Watt

Other desserts need not apply. This is our main guy from now on.

5 Ave. A (at E. Houston St.); 646-490-6004 or

1. Duck Carnitas At Cosme

This astoundingly delicious skillet dish takes four whole days to prepare, but it’s worth it. Just ask Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone.

35 E. 21st St. (at Park Ave. S.); 212-913-9659 or