15 Thanksgiving Buffet Recipes to Feed Your Gigantic Family

When you’re feeding a family of four, Thanksgiving is a breeze. But what about your massive, ginormous family of 25? Never fear, PureWow is here. Presenting 15 Thanksgiving buffet recipes that are fantastic for large groups.

The Best Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

The Fastest Roast Turkey In The Universe (10 Servings)

So you can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in real time.

Stuffing Muffins (12 Servings)

Reinvent a classic side.

All-green Crudités Basket (8 Servings)

Sneak in some veggies when everyone arrives.

The Best Potatoes Au Gratin Ever (8 Servings)

Fact: Everything’s more delicious when it’s smothered in cheese.

Sweet Potato Rolls (24 Servings)

A worthy vessel for butter, thanks to Coterie member Maria Lichty.

Mini Caramel Pecan Pies (24 Servings)

The crust is made of cinnamon rolls. That’s all.

Brussels Sprouts Skillet With Pancetta-garlic Bread Crumbs (10 Servings)

Aka the easiest way to get everyone to eat something green.

15-minute Microwaved Mashed Potatoes (10 Servings)

The best part? You don’t even need to boil water to make them.

Sweet Potato Crostini (15 Servings)

Because you’re extremely fancy.

Slow-cooker Turkey Breast With Orange And Herbs (8 Servings)

Save the oven space for dessert.

Sausage And Sweet Potato Stuffing

Take a second helping. (You deserve it.)

Biscuit Dough Pumpkin Hand Pies

Look at you, pastry chef.

Slow-cooker Mac And Cheese (10 Servings)

We’re not sure when this became a Thanksgiving side, but we’re into it.

Five-ingredient Red Wine Cranberry Sauce (10 Servings)

Don’t skimp on the vino. Trust us.

Cranberry, Brussels Sprouts And Brie Skillet Nachos (6 Servings)

Here’s a magic trick: Put this “Thanksgiving dip” on the table. Wait, where’d it go?

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