NYC has the Met, the Statue of Liberty and Hamilton, but there’s always been something missing: a giant swimming pool filled with rainbow sprinkles.

Don’t worry, the Museum of Ice Cream is coming to our rescue. From July 29 through August 31, a new interactive experience at 100 Gansevoort St. will be devoted entirely to our favorite dessert. You’ll get to ride on an ice-cream-sandwich swing, hang out in a chocolate room, seesaw on a giant ice-cream scooper and, yep, do a cannonball into that delicious sprinkle pool.

But after all those ice-cream-themed exhibits, it would be cruel not to let us taste some, right? So there’s also a special scoop of the week, featuring a rotating creation by Black Tap, Oddfellows and more local ice-cream shops. 

Get tickets here, then keep your fingers crossed for a Museum of Pizza this winter.

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