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Tearless Onions Are a Thing (and Theyre Coming to a Grocery Store Near You)
anandaBGD/Getty Images

In a perfect world, you’d never have to toil over a cutting board full of produce, and dinner would magically appear on the table. That’s not happening anytime soon. Sigh. But chin up, because your cooking just got a little easier, thanks to some news in the produce world.

Introducing Sunions, the first “tearless and sweet” onions on the market. They’re the result of over three decades of development and crossbreeding. Currently grown exclusively in Nevada and Washington, Sunions were made to be mild, with significantly less of the eye-irritating compounds in regular onions.

Aside from being kinder on your tear ducts, the allium varietal is also sweeter than a standard yellow onion—even when raw—and gets sweeter with age (unlike yellow onions, which get more pungent as they sit).

We can’t wait to get our hands on these babies. No use crying over…chopped onions?

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