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It just isn’t a summer weekend without a relaxing stroll to the farmers’ market. But after you haul back your eco-friendly sack stuffed with strawberries, corn on the cob and watermelon, the real work (aka the meal prep) begins. Here, seven game-changing gadgets under $20 that take the pressure off what can be a totally tedious task.

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strawberry huller

Strawberry Huller ($8)

Friends don’t let friends waste strawberries. This nifty gadget gets inserted at the stem to remove leaves in one swift motion—and maximize the amount of fruit left behind.

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corn zipper

Corn Zipper ($13)

Extra-sharp stainless-steel teeth make it a cinch to speedily (and efficiently) strip kernels of corn off the cob. Bonus: This tool is dishwasher-safe.

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watermelon slicer

Watermelon Slicer ($15)

Manually coring a watermelon can get…a little messy. (So. Much. Juice. On. The. Countertop.) With this gadget, you can cut—and serve—even slices and leave the liquid in the rind.

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avocado pitter

Heavy Duty Avocado Tool ($8)

It’s the ultimate avo toast solution: This all-in-one device will split, pit and slice your avocado with minimal risk—aka pit removals gone wrong.

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tomato slicer

Grape and Small Tomato Slicing Guide ($10)

All you want is perfectly halved cherry tomatoes in your summer salad. This tool—which can slice up to a cup at a time—will get the job done lickety-split.

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cherry pitter

Cherry and Olive Pitter ($13)

Our favorite part about this tool is the splatter guard. (Ever tried to get cherry juice out of a white dress? We rest our case.)

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pineapple corer

Pineapple Corer ($20)

Guys, this gadget, peels, cores, slices and dices a pineapple so that it’s ready to eat in seconds. Hello, miracle worker.

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