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Salt and pepper? Are you trying to put us to sleep? Instead, try using some of the unsung (but totally awesome) spices that are probably just sitting in your spice rack. Here, five of our favorites.



The gorgeous yellow spice might seem intimidating, but you don’t need to make a complicated curry to use it. A dash brings a warm and peppery flavor to your dish--oh, and a bright gold color.

Try: Adding it into to your roasted cauliflower seasoning.

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You know you have a package of Hungarian paprika just sitting in your pantry. So reach your hand all the way back and give it some sunlight. The sweet red-pepper flavor will add just enough heat to bland or salty dishes.

Try: Sprinkling a little on top of your mac and cheese.



This guy adds a warm aromatic--almost nutty--taste to curries and soups. And it supposedly stimulates your appetite, so definitely make sure you made enough food.

Try: Mixing in a couple teaspoons to your guacamole recipe.



And while you’ve got the cumin out, why not also mix in the coriander, which plays really well with both curries and ginger, adding a subtle, spicy orange flavor.

Try: Adding some to your carrot-ginger soup.



It’s hot. It’s spicy. It’s the last-minute fix to any bland dish and adds depth of flavor to rich foods like chocolate and cheese. Just remember: A little goes a long way.

Try: Making your own cheese crackers with a punch.

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