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Slow-Cooker Freezer Packs Will Change Your Whole Damn Life

’Tis the season for relying heavily on your slow cooker. But even if it means supper can be on the table moments after you walk through the door, all that a.m. dicing and chopping can still take a serious toll on your time. Good thing we found a better way.

What you need: Ziplock bags, a permanent marker and whatever ingredients your slow-cooker recipe requires. 

What you do: First, select two or three slow-cooker meals that you’d like to make over the course of the week. (Here’s some inspiration.) Next, block out a couple of hours on Sunday to do all of your recipe prep—e.g., chop your veggies, measure out any spices, portion off your chicken. (FYI, you can do more than one recipe at once.) 

Now what? Stuff the prepped ingredients into airtight freezer bags and use your marker to clearly label what’s inside and the date it was assembled. (It never hurts to include the cook time and any special steps—like adding a cup of chicken broth—to simplify the process later on.) Pop the bag into the freezer and you’re done.

Whoa, your Tuesday is going to be nuts. The night before, simply pop one of your freezer packs intothe fridge to thaw so that all you have to do Tuesday a.m. is toss your ingredients into the slow cooker and turn it on. Time saved, gourmet meal served. 

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