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From cleaning your entire house to zesting that grilled salmon, you definitely always have lemons in your house. But whatever you use them for, make sure to hold onto those rinds. Turns out, they make a no-cook simple syrup you can use to sweeten everything from cocktails to coffee to…well, even lemonade.

What you need: Leftover lemon rinds, a mixing bowl, a bag of white sugar and a strainer.

What you do: Cut the rinds of about six medium-sized lemons into chunks and toss them in the mixing bowl with a cup of sugar. Cover the bowl, stirring every hour or so, until the sugar has completely dissolved. Strain the syrup and refrigerate.

Why it works: The acid from the lemon rinds helps dissolve the sugar without having to add anything or even cook it down. So you wind up with a pure, clean flavor and one less sticky pan to clean.

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