This Salad Robot Is Making Sure You Never Eat Fast Food Again

You’re going to a wedding in Duluth and you land at midnight. You’re starving, but nothing in the airport is open, and the only thing within a mile of your hotel is a convenience store. Before you give in and eat string cheese and a prepackaged bologna sandwich on white bread for dinner, you see something green and glorious in the hotel lobby: It’s Sally, the $30,000 salad-making robot.

Chowbotics, a Silicon Valley robotics company, hopes that in the near future, you’ll never be more than a few feet from a freshly made salad. Sally whips up her creations in less than a minute, featuring a custom combo of 21 seasonal ingredients (mmm, seared chicken breast, Kalamata olives and wonton chips) that are updated daily.

Sally is currently featured at several locations in California, including Galvanize, a tech co-working space in San Francisco. But look for her in hotels, schools and offices in the not-too-distant future.

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