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Want to Totally Impress Your Waiter? Here’s What to Say
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While you’re breezily snapping a flat lay of your eggs Benny brunch, you catch a glimpse of your server carrying 21 plates (without dropping one) back to the kitchen and somehow managing to keep smile on his face when a diner stops him to request a twirly straw. Want to show your waiter some love? NYC server Tim Dunn clued us in to some industry lingo you can use to make a crazy shift a little easier.

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We know we used “waiter” up top, but “server” is a nicer term.

The number of people in a party. A four-top, for example, is a table for four.

Two-top. (Now we’re getting fancy.)

Remember those 21 plates your server’s juggling? Make sure he doesn’t stumble into you when you’re behind him by telling him so.

Not an emergency, just "sauce on the side." 

Bev Naps
Those little square napkins that go under drinks—yes, they have a name.

When you want to nix something from an order. (“I’ll have the Cobb salad, 86 the bacon.”) Servers also use it if something’s run out on the menu. (“The salmon’s 86-ed.”) 

Fire It
As in: "We're gonna order a bunch of apps, but could you fire the calamari first?" This way, you’ll get it sooner.

People who’ve eaten, paid and are just camping out. A little chitchat is fine, but don’t be a camper, OK?

Aka double shift. If your server says they’re working one, it probably means they’re exhausted.

"Manager on duty." (“That brunch was amazing, please tell the MOD we had a great time and we’ll definitely be back.”) 

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