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They say that variety is the spice of life. But eating pizza every day is also pretty damn satisfying. Thankfully, when you live in the pizza capital of the universe, those two philosophies have no trouble coexisting. How many of these 11 essential styles have you tried?

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bleecker street pizza NY

New York

When one style is associated with our entire city, you know it has to be good. Thin, perfectly sauced and, yes, wonderfully cheap. By the way, the fold is mandatory—no exceptions.

Where to get it: Bleecker Street Pizza (and about a million other places)

paulie gees pizza NY


Or as we like to call it, the classiest personal pizza money can buy. That trademark puffy-on-the-edge, thin-in-the-center crust (with just the right amount of char) and the accompanying super-fresh toppings are almost as ubiquitous as the dollar slice. 

Where to get it: Paulie Gee’s

totonnos pizza NY
JohnnyPrimeC. C./Yelp


Wait, what? Think of this as a cross between New York and Neapolitan: Large in size, coal-fired and liberal with the sauce. The pizzerias that serve this style are some of the city’s oldest (and best). 

Where to get it: Totonno’s

emmy squared pizza NY


It’s hard to believe that just a year ago we weren’t familiar with the magic of this magnificent crispy-edged wonder (created when the cheese bubbles over while baking…swoon). But we’re grateful that we never have to live without it again.

Where to get it: Emmy Squared

speedy romeo pizza NY
Luke P./Yelp

St. Louis

What, you thought Chicago was the only Midwestern city with a signature pie? Missourians put a distinctive (and delicious) spin on things with a thin crust and slightly smoky, junky-in-the-best-way-possible Provel cheese. 

Where to get it: Speedy Romeo

prince street pizza NY


Another by-the-slice staple, this square style features a fluffy, substantial crust that’s oh so satisfying to sink your teeth into. (Crispy pepperoni on top optional but strongly encouraged.)

Where to get it: Prince Street Pizza

williamsburg pizza NY
Williamsburg Pizza


Similar to the Sicilian but with a denser crust, this fills the comfort-food void in our soul (particularly for those of us who don’t have an Italian nonna of our own).

Where to get it: Williamsburg Pizza

frannys clam pizza NY

New Haven

You’ll have to hop Metro-North for the true New Haven pizza experience (which, by the way, is worth the two-hour ride), but you can taste its influence without leaving the city, in the form of the garlicky, sauceless white clam pie.

Where to get it: Franny’s

emmetts chicago pizza NY

Chicago Deep-Dish

Look, we’re by no means budging on our city’s pizza superiority over this crazy thick-slice nonsense. But on the other hand: Who are we to argue with copious amounts of cheese? 

Where to get it: Emmett’s

don antonio by starita pizza NY
Don Antonio by Starita


Two words: fried dough. Yep, this Italian import gets a quick sizzle in hot oil before being topped with sauce and cheese and finished in the oven. The result is addictively crispy—no orphan crusts left behind here.

Where to get it: Don Antonio by Starita

ops pizza NY


We respect a well-made crust, but in all honesty, it’s usually still primarily a vehicle for cheese. One exception: Naturally fermented dough, which gives the carb component a subtle tanginess and awesomely chewy texture.

Where to get it: Ops

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