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The Secret to Making Your Quinoa Taste Like a Chef Made It
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Whether you’re eating it for breakfast (with eggs and tomatoes), lunch (stuffed into a yummy avocado) or dinner (we mean, the options are endless), quinoa’s the grain that keeps on giving. Except sometimes, a little too much water or time on the stove can mean a soggy, mushy result. Bleh. Well, here’s the easy trick to making every batch of quinoa perfectly al dente, just like a pro cooked it. 

What you need: Your usual ingredients—quinoa (duh) and water, stock or pineapple juice—and olive oil.

What you do: Follow the directions on the back of the bag of quinoa. (We told you this would be easy.) After it’s fully cooked, use a spatula or spoon to form a well in the middle of your pot. Pour a tablespoon or so of olive oil into the well (depending on how much quinoa you made—just a dash, no need to overdo it). Before you do anything, turn the burner on medium-low to let the oil heat up a bit. (One Mississippi, two Mississippi.) Then, mix the quinoa into the oil thoroughly and let it get just slightly crispy before plating and serving.

That glorious sizzle is the sound of no more soggy quinoa. Aren’t you looking cheffy?

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