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The One Mistake Youre Making When You Cook Potato Salad
Getty Images/LauriPatterson

Hot tip: Not all spuds are created equal. Did you know that potatoes are divided into two categories based on their texture?

Starchy potatoes (like russets) tend to break down during cooking. They’re fantastic for making mashed potatoes, because they soak up tons of butter and cream while still remaining light and fluffy. But mix them into potato salad and—danger—they’ll crumble into a gluey, sticky mess. 

Always opt for thin-skinned, waxy potatoes like fingerlings, red bliss and new potatoes, which retain their shape during cooking. They won’t fall apart when you toss them with a classy rice vinegar-Dijon-canola oil dressing—or when your friends dig into the bowl for seconds.

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