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We Tried This Hard-Boiled Egg Peeling Trick and It Actually Works

It’s considered the Triple Crown of hard-boiled eggs: a golden, creamy yolk; firm whites; and a perfect, smooth peel. You’re this close to cooking up perfection, but if the last few attempts have ended in carnage (aka egg whites refusing to separate from the shell), then here’s the next trick—of all the hundreds you’ve already tried—to add to your roster.

What to do differently: Instead of placing your eggs in cold water to eventually come to a boil, wait until the pot is fully bubbling before you drop your eggs in. We know, it’s a radical departure from your usual “drop the egg in water, let the water come to a boil and then take it off the heat” approach, but if peeling is your main concern, trust us on this one.

Here’s why the “hot start” works: The impact of the high heat right up top gets the egg whites to bond with each other (aka yay). If you do the “cold start,” your egg whites have more time to bond to the shell (aka not yay), which makes peeling them impossible for mere mortals. But now, you’re basically a demigod who’s packing Niçoise salads all week, baby.

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