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The Pancake Bot Is the World’s First 3-D Printer for Pancakes

Nothing against the Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes you regularly whip up for your kids, but what if you could kick things up a notch and place a T-rex or astronaut design on their plate?

If you’re thinking that’s beyond your skill level, not so fast. Meet the Pancake Bot, a new and “smart” kitchen gadget that can make all your brunch dreams come true.

Here’s how it works: Log onto the Pancake Bot website and choose from hundreds of pre-made pancake designs. There’s the Eiffel Tower, Matt Damon and even an option to design and upload your own. After you choose one, save it to the SD card that comes included with your machine. Then, with the pancake batter loaded, watch in awe as a 3-D printer creates your design on the countertop griddle and cooks it on the spot so you have a picture-perfect pancake that’s ready to eat. (FYI, here’s a video demo so you can see the device in action.)

The damage? It’s $300. But that seems like a small price to pay for years of epic pancake brunches your kids will have to see to believe.

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