Here’s the Most Instagrammable Café in Miami (You’re Welcome)

What if we told you we found a place that basically acts like a real-life Instagram filter? It’s a Design District café called OTL, and it’s pretty much the best thing that’s happened to our feed since, um, ever.

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See ya, portable selfie light. This restaurant features floor-to-ceiling windows in nearly every direction, letting in just the right amount of soft illumination.

The upside to ordering a salad and grain bowl is, well, it looks like this.

On paper, it sounds like this place was created in a think tank to incorporate as many millennial buzzwords as possible (java art! vegan-friendly! gluten-free!), but in reality, the overall effect is surprisingly welcoming.

Though OTL is considered a café, it’s also stocked with beer, wine and specialty cocktails.

Pink pastels are literally everywhere. We’re serious. The walls, tables, menus and other decor sport this trendy, soft color that we admittedly can’t seem to get enough of.

We’ll deal with the sweltering heat as long as it means we can nibble on a fruity homemade ice pop.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor tables, plus free Wi-Fi. Satellite office space? Don’t mind if we do.

This café also has a healthy supply of freshly baked pastries, like cinnamon buns, cookies and croissants (which are practically made for dipping into your cappuccino).

You’ll probably see a few people standing on their chair to get the perfect shot. (You might even be one of them.) But despite OTL’s on-the-nose aesthetic, the food is good, the service is friendly…and if a turquoise cup perfectly complements our toast and coffee, who are we to complain?