All the Decadent Food Stars Will Eat at the 2019 Oscars After-Party

Ahh, the Oscars. Cue the gowns, the gossip—and the spectacular feast afterward. For the 25th year in a row, Wolfgang Puck is catering the Governors Ball (aka the Oscars after-party) and the menu is so spectacular that guests probably won’t want to ruin their appetites with candy parachutes or pizza.

According to Wolfgang Puck Catering’s website, stars will nosh on over 30 different dainty creations.

A number of crowd-pleasers will return, including the chocolate Oscar statuettes covered in 24-karat gold, the miyazaki wagyu beef, the pea agnolotti, the chicken pot pie with winter truffles and the matzo bread with dill cream, smoked salmon and caviar.

This year, there will be some exciting additions.

For starters, Wolfgang’s fresh take on Nashville-style hot chicken: Nashville hot fried quail with house-made pickles on a red velvet waffle. Quite frankly, the dish sounds like the greatest thing since frozen waffles sliced bread.

According to a recent Food & Wine interview, Wolfgang’s team will also be making his mother’s recipe for ricotta dumplings, which he describes like ravioli filling floating in watercress pea pesto and brown butter. It’s an homage to elevated home cooking and his upbringing in Austria on the border of Italy (awww).

Notably, there will be more vegan options than ever before (plant-based eating is totally trending, after all). An entire vegan, gluten-free desserts menu includes Hawaiian superfood spheres, red velvet whoopee pies, cashew vanilla tiramisu, tropical halo-halo, sunflower raspberry macarons and chocolate sea salt cookies. Nom, nom, nom.

Finally, lest one of the most important parts of the menu be forgotten, there will be two signature cocktails: a floral gingery tequila-based beverage called a rosella and a spicy Ancho old fashioned.

For a complete list, check out Wolfgang Puck’s 2019 Oscars menu. Now can somebody please sneak in on our behalf and get a bunch of photos of Bradley Cooper eating caviar and chocolate? Please and thank you.

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