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Move Over, Ina: Oprah’s First Cookbook Is Finally Here
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Hey, you, making Ina Garten’s lemon yogurt cake for the 45th time. We know it’s heaven on a plate, but tear yourself away from the Bible of Barefoot Contessa for a sec, because we have a very important announcement.

Media mogul and Instagram produce queen Oprah Winfrey has officially released her own cookbook. And it’s glorious. Food, Health and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes For Great Meals and a Better Life is not just full of photos of Oprah holding baskets of vegetables (but those are there too, we promise). It also has a bunch of easy, nutritious recipes—including “Sexy Breakfast,” an egg scramble with salsa and avocado.

Oprah, we adore you. And if you want to go over to Ina’s house and film a “Sexy Breakfast” cooking special, we wouldn’t be too upset.

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