PSA: There’s a New Healthy Fast Food Spot in Tribeca and You’re Going to Want to Check It Out ASAP

oneseed nyc

We want to eat healthy, we really do. But when we’re running late to meet a friend or behind on deadlines, it’s often easiest just to grab a slice or a pick up a bag of chips from our local bodega. And sure, there are plenty of quick salad options around the city, but let’s be honest—even after spending $16 on a bowl of greens, we’re still going to be craving pizza afterwards. That’s why we were super excited to hear about the opening of OneSeed—a healthy fast food destination in Tribeca that offers nutritious and substantial meals for a reasonable price.

Featuring a menu of feel-good favorites prepared with fresh ingredients, veggies are the star of the show here. Think: Zoodles Bolognese with grass-fed ground beef, seasoned mushrooms, bell peppers, sautéed onions, fresh basil and a fire-roasted tomato marinara, and CauliPower Curry with cauliflower rice, free-range marinated chicken breast, fresh roasted veggies, toasted almonds and a coconut red curry sauce. All items on the menu are free of gluten, refined sugars, as well as added hormones and antibiotics. All of OneSeed’s protein offerings are also grass-fed, cage-free, sustainably sourced and prepared using only olive, avocado and coconut oils.

Following a vegan diet? OneSeed has you covered there, too. We’re particularly excited about the house-made vegan desserts like the “Oh My, Chocolate Pie” and “Matcha Pistachio Bars.” (Yum.)

This new, female-founded-and-led concept hails from Dallas, TX and is our new favorite grab-and-go lunch option. Open Monday through Saturday, dishes at OneSeed average $12 to $15. So, see you there?