An Oat-Milk Ice Cream Shop Is Coming to NYC

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Ever since we had our first sip, we’ve had quite the whirlwind romance with oat milk. We always have a carton in the fridge, we walk an extra block to the coffee shop that has it on hand, we even make it at home…and we cannot wait to try it in frozen form on a sweltering NYC day.

That’s right, an oat-milk ice cream shop is opening in Williamsburg and making our dairy-free summer dreams come true. The minority- and women-owned Whipped Urban Dessert Lab first made a name in Boston for its creative “micro-cakes,” but its NYC spinoff will have a different focus: plant-based soft serve that’s free of dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, coconut and gluten. (We know at least one allergy sufferer who’s jumping for joy right now.)

The vegan ice cream stand will serve its first cones on Sunday, July 28, at North 3rd Street Market. To start, the owners will be dishing up a signature vanilla sweet cream soft serve, but expect an additional selection of rotating flavors in the coming months. On top of that creamy base, you’ll be able to create your own combo by adding sauces (peanut butter, mint chocolate, coffee) and “crumb coat” toppings like sprinkles, chocolate cookies, strawberry crumble, salted pecans and waffle cone pieces. It’s like the beloved dipped cones of our childhood, reimagined for our grown-up selves (and made with all-natural ingredients—even the sprinkles).

The shop’s opening comes just in time for what’s notoriously the hottest month of the year. But we have a feeling this will be more than just a summer fling.

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