NYC's Best New Restaurants: February 2016

Oh, and our new favorite food is poke

We’re just gonna call it now: 2016 is the year of new food trends in NYC.

In February, poke is invading Chelsea, artisanal vegan pizza is running wild in the East Village and something called a “bacon chop” has officially landed in Murray Hill. 

Here are the 12 best new restaurants in the city. Let’s eat.

La Sirena

La Sirena

After months of waiting, the gigantic new restaurant by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich has finally opened in the Maritime Hotel. And when it comes to tasty Italian food, we kiiinda trust these guys know what they’re doing.

88 Ninth Ave. (at 16th St.); 212-977-6096 or

00 + CO.

00 + Co.

Sorry Roberta’s, we’re cheating on you. Raw food guru Matthew Kenney is trying pizza on for size at his newest NYC restaurant, but there’s one catch: It’s all vegan. Yep, we’re actually swooning over cashew cheese--there’s a first time for everything.

65 Second Ave. (at Third St.); 212-777-1608 or

Wisefish Poke

New Yorkers are going crazy for poke, a Hawaiian ceviche-esque fish dish. You can design your own bowl at this casual new joint, featuring fish from Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.

263 W. 19th St. (at Eighth Ave.); 212-367-7653 or



We’re huge fans of the Austrian brunch at Edi & the Wolf, so we’re psyched that chef Eduard Frauneder is keeping the Vienna vibe alive at his new West Village spot (get the onion tarte).

506 LaGuardia Pl. (at Bleecker St.); 212-777-0327 or


Terra Firma

This new Bushwick bar and café serves Devocion coffee and has pulled smoked pork with pickled cabbage on the menu. Um, sold.

119 Ingraham St. (at Porter Ave.), Brooklyn;

The Regal

The Regal

There’s still one more month of hibernation left, people. Spend it nestled in this cozy old-school spot with a hot order of mac and cheese.

163 Hope St. (at Union Ave.); 718-388-4626 or

Prawn Shop

Prawn Shop

This new seafood hot spot sources its goods from environmentally friendly fisheries in New England. So basically, we know where we’re hanging out all summer.

669 Union St. (at Fourth Ave.), Brooklyn; 347-599-0296 or

Daphne Cheng

Mother Of Pearl

OK, this Polynesian place isn’t technically new, but restaurateur Ravi DeRossi is making some big changes. It’s the first of several of his 15 restaurants and bars to undergo a plant-based makeover. Bring on the (vegan) green mango poke.

95 Ave. A (at Sixth St.); 212-614-6818 or

Pizzeria Sirenetta

The folks behind the Mermaid Inn are bringing a taste of Italy to Brooklyn with their new, low-key pizzeria--but the non-pizza options, like the pork sausage with cabbage, look awesome, too.

568 Amsterdam Ave. (at 87th St.); 212-799-7401 or

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste

You know Le Pain Quotidien, the mega-successful boulangerie chain? Well, LPQ founder Alain Coumont is gifting New Yorkers for a second time with a new passion project: a plant-based (read: vegetarian) food and wine bar designed to improve your health and help the planet. 

833 Lexington Ave. (at 63rd St.); 917-262-0766 or

Aunt Jake's

Make your own pasta? Don’t mind if we do. The Mulberry Project has expanded next door to open a new fast Italian lunch spot with a name that, at least for us, makes us think of this.

151 Mulberry St. (at Grand St.); 646-858-0470 or

Bedford & Co

Bedford & Co

It’s all about the wood grill at John DeLucie’s new Midtown restaurant. Everything is cooked in the oven, including the fish and veggies. Oh, and there’s something called a bacon chop (basically a super-thick pork chop--you guessed it--cooked in the oven). Game on.

118 E. 40th St. (at Park Ave.); 212-697-4800 or