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Now that we’ve adequately reminisced about our favorite bites of 2017, it’s time to turn our attention and appetites to the year ahead. And while we can’t predict the next viral sensation (uh, mermaid…croissants?), we have a pretty good hunch you’ll be seeing these food, drink and decor trends a lot in the coming months.

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Hyper-Regional Cuisines

First things first: There’s nothing “new” or trendy about regional cuisines, and many of them have long been found in spots like Flushing, Jackson Heights and Sunset Park—not to mention, you know, their original provenance. But we’ll happily welcome the proliferation of options in other parts of the city, like Claro in Gowanus, which focuses on Oaxacan food (think rich moles and crunchy tlayudas), and South of the Clouds, a brand-new Yunnan noodle shop in the Village. (Side note: Mixian is totally the official noodle of 2018.)

cider food trends NY
Brooklyn Cider House/Facebook


Maybe it’s because people want a gluten-free alternative to beer, or maybe it’s because it’s damn refreshing, but the apple-based beverage is blowing up right now, between the recently opened Brooklyn Cider House in Bushwick and scores of new producers like Newburgh’s Graft Cidery. And if you think cider equals sweet, think again: The newest iterations range from crisp and dry (like a white wine) to tart and funky (like a sour beer).

mocktails food trends NY
The Fat Radish

Booze-Free Cocktails

Speaking of drinks, it’s proving to be a relatively painless Dry January, thanks to the fact that zero-proof drinks (we refuse to call them “mocktails”) are getting the mixology treatment at restaurants like Merakia and The Fat Radish—we’re guessing it has something to do with the launch of the new nonalcoholic spirit Seedlip.

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Ubiquitous Israeli

Hummus and falafel will forever be a cheap-eats staple in our diet (they pretty much fueled our college years), so we won’t argue with the continuous cavalcade of stylish new Middle Eastern eateries, from date-night-worthy spots like Nur and Miss Ada to the legendary pita-shop import Miznon.

retro vibes food trends NY
Simmer Group

Retro Vibes

Call it a denial of retreat from our hyperstressed modern times, but we’re all about surrounding ourselves in ’70s kitsch right now, at spots like Bar Gonzo and Ethyl’s Alcohol & Food. (Good thing we already have the wardrobe to match.)

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Modern Italian

We love our old-school red-sauce joints (and their new-school progeny), but we’re also really digging a new breed of trattoria that plays fast and loose with influences, like Don Angie in the West Village and Fort Greene’s Evelina. (Delicata squash tempura with spicy honey may not be traditional, but it sure is delicious.)

Restaurant-Retail Hybrids

Shop while you eat and eat while you shop…this is a trend we can get behind. Obviously, the whole “buy the dishes you just ate off” idea isn’t entirely new (hi, ABC Kitchen!), but expect to see more and more takes on the concept, like Chelsea Market’s new Blackbarn, and La Mercerie, inside Roman and Williams Guild. 

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