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Hey, sometimes you want to wait two hours for an everything bagel doughnut.

And sometimes it’s noon on Saturday and if you don’t shove a lemon ricotta pancake down your throat in the next, oh, 45 seconds, you’re going to have a meltdown on Mulberry Street.

Here are nine great brunch spots that won’t make you wait.

NY WaitBrunch List1


OK, we?re about to introduce you to a little thing called ?cacio e pepe eggs.? It?s just like the pasta, but socially acceptable to eat for breakfast. And best of all, this Italian joint is never uncomfortably crowded, so you don?t have to eat while accidentally elbowing a stranger sitting next to you.

2 Lexington Ave. (at Gramercy Park N.); 212-777-2410 or

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Ciao for Now


Imagine eating a home-cooked breakfast at your grandma’s house. Now imagine your grandma is effortlessly cool and lives in the East Village and makes some of the best damn French toast in the city. Best of all, no reservation is necessary (Grandma would never make you wait).

523 E. 12th St. (at Ave. A); 212-677-2616 or

NY WaitBrunch List8
Delaware and Hudson


Oh yes, that’s funnel cake for breakfast. At a Michelin-starred restaurant. And no, you won’t have to stand on the curb for two hours to get it.

135 N. Fifth St. (at Bedford Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-218-8191 or

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There’s rarely a wait at this cozy Australian spot in the East Village. You’ll be sipping a flat white and noshing avocado toast with poached eggs and oven-roasted tomatoes in no time.

162 Ave. A (at 11th St.); 212-228-6900 or

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There’s lots of amazing stuff to order for brunch at this rarely crowded Williamsburg joint, but you really haven’t lived until you’ve tried the French-toast sandwich. You just haven’t.

258 Wythe Ave. (at N. Third St.), Brooklyn; 718-384-1990 or

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The Queens Kickshaw


Skip the line wrapping around the block at Queens Comfort and pop over to Astoria’s best-kept brunch secret. On Saturday mornings, you’ll find guests tapping on their computers and sipping coffee, not chugging Bellinis.

40-17 Broadway (at 41st St.), Queens; 718-777-0913 or

NY WaitBrunch List4
Measure Lounge


Tucked away inside Langham Place’s Measure Hotel, this classy spot is a calm respite from the typical chaos of brunch. Sip on negronis spiked with Stumptown’s Nitro cold brew and listen to jazz as you munch on eggs Benedict.

400 Fifth Ave. (at 36th St.); 212-695-4005 or

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Don’t come here looking for a salad. This rustic British taproom serves such a hearty brunch you’ll be nodding off by noon. (Just don’t fall asleep at the table--it’s not that empty.)

401 E. 76th St. (at First Ave.); 212-249-2700 or

NY WaitBrunch List9


Sure, you could trek out to Brooklyn to go to Buttermilk Channel (and oh, you should at some point), but unless you’re Beyoncé, it’s tricky to get in on Saturday mornings. Check out this West Village comfort-food joint instead. There’s all the delicious chicken and waffles, but no line out the door.

103 Greenwich Ave. (at 12th St.); 212-255-0155 or

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