8 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails from Silverlake’s Coolest New Bottle Shop

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Interested in jumping on the national trend toward NA (non- alcoholic) beverages? We turned to Jillian Barkley, the proprietor of Soft Spirits, Silverlake’s new bottle shop that specializes in non-alcoholic spirits, beers and wines, for suggestions about non-alcoholic cocktails and tipples. Stop into the shop and browse these and other beverages—the variety and quality of alcohol- free options is seriously impressive. Here, Barkley’s recommendations for how to mix your own.

Soft Spirits, 3208 1⁄2 W. Sunset Blvd.; 323-426-9033 or

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Better Rhodes

1. For An Alternative To Mulled Cider

You can keep the cider, but instead of alcohol add a little Smoky No. 56 from For Bitter For Worse.


2. For A Non-alcoholic Wine That Pairs Well With Fancy Meals

Sovi’s Red Blend is a perfect pairing with decadent cuisine. (Don’t be fooled by the canned packaging, it’s just as drinkable as wine you’d find in a bottle — and more eco-friendly).

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3. For The Rosé Spritz-lover

Barkley loves a good spritz! Her favorite recipe uses Wilfred’s Bittersweet Apertif mixed with club soda and a splash of nonalcoholic sparkling wine like Noughty.

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4. For Using Up Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Still got a couple of cans of cranberry sauce lying around the kitchen? Simply add a spoonful to a glass of nonalcoholic bourbon like Spiritless Kentucky 74 and top with ginger beer.

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5. For The Best Na Cocktail To Serve A Crowd

Figlia makes for beautiful cocktails, Barkley tells us. One of their signature recipes suggests shaking 2.5oz of Figlia with cinnamon, honey, and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

Casamara Club

6. For Keeping Up With All The Cool Kids

Soft Spirits are constantly selling out of these cute single-serve amaro sodas from Casamara Club. They taste as good as they look!


7. For A Non-alcoholic Spirit Or Wine That Is California-made

Monday is a local brand based in Southern California. They make nonalcoholic gin and whiskey that can be substituted for the alcoholic versions in any traditional cocktail.

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8. For A Sweet Dessert Wine That's Non-alcoholic

So glad you asked! Soft Spirits is about to add an alcohol-free Reisling from Leitz to their inventory.

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