You've Probably Never Heard of Molly Yeh's Favorite Kitchen Tool

When Molly Yeh, blogger and host of Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm, recently came into our test kitchen, she revealed her obsession with one specific gadget: the accordion pastry cutter.

“It’s ideal for getting precisely parallel cuts for bars or brownies or Rice Krispies treats," she tells us. "You can get beautiful straight edges and squares.” She first learned about the accordion pastry cutter when she was working as a pastry chef.

Just like an accordion, the pizza wheels can expand or collapse to make wider or narrow parallel cuts. They can collapse to cut tiny pieces of pasta (if that’s your sort of thing) or expand to cut grandma slices of pizza.

The efficient, stainless-steel tool is pretty much a perfectionist’s dream. Plus, we can only imagine that it’s also great for portion control: Slice up that casserole in advance to get a handle on your portion size.

“I bought mine from the WebstaurantStore, which is my favorite kitchen store on the planet because it’s so cheap and it’s all really great stuff,” Yeh said. “They have, like, six different types of accordion cutters.”

We suggest the 6 Wheel Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter (and it’s only $15). Now, who wants to whip up some brownies?

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